Two-Year Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

The Internship Programme

At this time on our planet many therapists hear a call to provide the healing to lead us out of the darkness of drugs, violence and addictions into spiritual attunement. The movement is gaining momentum and therapists all across the planet are heeding the call. Build on your therapy skills and become the healer that has always been inside you.

Dates for Year One:

  • TBA

Dates for Year Two:

  • TBA

The workshops will commence at 10am on the first day and end at 2pm on the last day.


Johannesburg Exact address TBA – Please call our office

Cost per year:

R15,000.00 per annum- 

  • A 30% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required in order to register for the workshop.  If the workshop is cancelled by the trainer due to insufficient numbers the deposit will be refunded.

Payment option available. Accommodation not included
 (approximately R1700.00 per session).

Enter the shamanic path

Expand your clinical gifts to incorporate Soul work and Soul retrievals, past life regressions, subtle energy work, Parts Therapy (integrating disowned or disconnected parts), physical and spiritual healing, and chakra opening. Become free of projection and defense. Open the Heart Center and connect with unconditional love. Access the full potential of your creativity. Prepare to lead your clients on their quest for emotional health and spiritual peace. Step into trustworthy intuition and clear vision.

This program, which has trained many hundreds of Masters and PhD level therapists, provides the groundwork for anyone who sees him/herself as a teacher or healer. This program is for people with a vision and the ambition to realize it.

  • Attend three very powerful five-day Workshops per year for two years, continuing to advance your personal growth, and learning more advanced altered-state clinical techniques.
  • Experience and learn Heart-Centered Breath Therapy, a therapeutic form of rebirthing which is highly effective in healing birth issues, releasing energy blocks, gaining personal clarity, and deepening spiritual connection.
  • Expand your areas of expertise in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy in a wide variety of emotional disorders, especially addictions, personality disorders, and relationship issues.
  • Experientially work from The Heart’s Center deep flow of unconditional love, and create a loving and safe atmosphere for clients’ transformational therapy.
  • Learn the powerful Energetic Psychodrama, a technique which integrates trance work and energy work in a group setting. Be more effective with groups in all areas of your life.
  • Achieve a high level of personal clarity and learn to manifest your goals. Become a valued member of a supportive Network of high-energy professionals.

Curriculum: Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy (Year One):

Codependency: This insidious pattern is the basis for most dysfunctional family patterns. We work with family secrets, sources of shame, “people pleasing,” and other aspects of codependency. Learn how to assist people to release their victim patterns, set healthy boundaries, and reclaim their own personal power.

Addictions:Learn to identify and treat behaviour addictions and compulsive use of substances. Learn to use the Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy model to treat the source trauma, release core shame issues, and eliminate addictive behaviours.

Sexual Abuse:This is currently the most pervasive underlying dynamic for both men and women who enter therapy. You will develop skills to feel more competent in facilitating people’s work through these issues. You will learn to identify body memories and how to work with them.

The Mind/Body Connection: Many people somaticize their emotions and then experience a variety of diseases. You will learn to go down to the source of this pattern with a variety of physical complaints. We will also continue to explore body memories which manifest in the body as a result of childhood trauma.

Curriculum: Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification (Year Two):

Eating Disorders: You will learn to work with the underlying emotional issues of this addiction as well as how to integrate hypnotherapy with a twelve-step model.

Sex Addiction:You will learn how to identify and treat sex, co-sex, and love addictions. You will take people back to the core feeling which triggers their addictive behavior and heal the emptiness.

Relationships:You will learn new hypnotherapy techniques to work with relationships, including the double regression, owning our own issues in relationships, and setting clear and permeable boundaries.

Grief, Loss and Unhealthy Separation:You will focus on identifying unhealthy “styles of leaving” and changing them. We will experience completion rituals, and clear choices about next steps.


I intend registering for the following:

Payments Made Payable To:
Account No.: 251136620
Branch Code: 051001

    • A 30% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required in order to register for the workshop.  If the workshop is cancelled by the trainer due to insufficient numbers the deposit will be refunded.
    • Cancellations:  30% cancellation fee 14 days prior to the workshop.  Thereafter no refunds.
    •  All registrations and payments must be in 7 days prior to all workshops
All proof of payment must be faxed or e-mailed for acceptance of registration.
Handouts presented at each workshop.
Tea and coffee served. Lunch on your own unless otherwise advised.