An Adventure in Intimacy

2 Day Workshop for couples

Based on Imago Relationship Theory, Buber’s relational Philosophy, Appreciation Inquiry and other sources.

with international workshop leaders


“This workshop was beyond magical, beyond miraculous. It was not only ‘relationship-saving’, it really felt ‘life-saving’ emotionally and spiritually.”



Workshop Schedule Times:


  • Saturday:   8.00a.m. – 7.00p.m.
  • Sunday:     8.00a.m. – 6.00p.m.


  • Saturday: 8.00a.m. to 7.00p.m. 
  • Sundays: 8.00a.m. to 6.00p.m.


  • Johannesburg: 131 Riverside road. Sandton.  Phone: 031 201 0307 ( Durban Office )


  • R 4,000.00 per couple


  • A 30% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required in order to register for the workshop.  If the workshop is cancelled by the trainer due to insufficient numbers the deposit will be refunded.

Two Powerful Days that will transform your relationship forever:

Journey using the international renowned relationship specialists Hedy and Yumi Schleifer work as you are guided to create genuine intimacy – “into-me-see” the capacity to see your partner with compassionate curiosity.

You may begin this exploration as skeptics, or as one couple put it, “half-hearted” and “wondering what they were doing there.” But just as they did, during your Adventure in Intimacy, you both will experience an unexpected transformation.

During this Two day workshop, you and your partner will learn Seven Principles and Seven Rituals that will allow you to speak your desires, dissolve deeply rooted conflicts, transform daily grumbles into vehicles for change, and bring passion back into your relationship.

Couples from all walks of life in over 40 countries worldwide have been touched by workshop experience. Participants continually report a major impact in the quality of their relationships, even years after attending.

Whether you’re in a solid relationship or navigating a shaky one – even close to ending it – an Adventure in Intimacy offers couples healing and transformation.


You will discover how:

  • Three invisible connectors become visible and strengthen your bond.
  • The very qualities that attracted you to each other now often drive you mad.
  • Conflict is a friend in disguise as well as a launching pad for growth.
  • Daily annoying frustrations are powerful vehicles for productive change.
  • a user-friendly skill set can move you from automatic unconscious re-activity to deliberate, productive, conscious action.
  • fun, romance, passion and intimacy can ignite your relationship
  • Learn about The “genius” that resides within your relationships
  • Practical tools for dissolving conflict
  • How to be a healer
  • Teach New depth, sizzle and passion in your connection
  • We intend for you to learn to teach couples to be regaled by each other, and to reveal, deepen,and strengthen the next natural and exciting step in your sexual adventure.
  • To teach couples how to grow sexual honesty, bridge the sexual communication gap, develop sexual empathy and expand your erotic intelligence.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have a good relationship and want to take it to a whole new level and make it a phenomenal one.
  • You are beginning a relationship and want to resolve longstanding conflicts.
  • You are near break up and want to decide if the relationship can be saved.
  • You are a parent and are interested in creating a superior nurturing climate for your child.


I intend registering for the following:

Payments Made Payable To:
Account No.: 251136620
Branch Code: 051001

30% cancellation fee, 14 days prior to workshops. Thereafter no refunds. All registrations and payments must be in 7 days prior to all workshops.

  • A 30% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required in order to register for the workshop.  If the workshop is cancelled by the trainer due to insufficient numbers the deposit will be refunded.
All proof of payment must be faxed or e-mailed for acceptance of registration.
Handouts presented at each workshop.
Tea and coffee served. Lunch on your own unless otherwise advised.