Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

To All Participant’s

Continuing Education Credits EMDR Institute Basic Training

Weekend 1 and 2:
40 credits total: 20 CE credits for Weekend 1 and 20 CE credits for Weekend 2
NBCC – as an approved ACE Provider NBCC- APA

Note To all Participants
 All Online training manual’s will be sent via email to Participants.
 Participants will only receive a hard copy of the Workshop Manuel when Workshops are held in person.

EMDR Trainings:

  • Are only for participants who have their Master’s Degree in Psychology or Social work.
  • There are 2 Levels of trainings Level 1 and Level 2.
  • Certificates are only given to Participants who have completed level 2.
  • Each trainings consist of 3 days and after 6 weeks of Trainings, 2 Hours of consult is compulsory for each Level.
  • The Cost for each level of trainings is R6500.00 which includes consultation.
  • Level 2 must be completed within 2 years of completing Level 1

The Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) method accelerates the treatment of the presenting complaints and self esteem issues related to both upsetting past events and present life conditions.


EMDR LEVEL 1 training from the 16/08/2022 to the 18/08/2022 Available via ZOOM Meeting provided there are 6 participants or more.
EMDR LEVEL 2 training from 22/03/2022 to the 24/03/2022 Available via ZOOM Meeting provided there are 6 participants or more.
EMDR LEVEL 2 training from 05/10/2021 to the 07/10/2022 Available via ZOOM Meeting provided there are 6 participants or more.

All trainings done via ZOOM MEETINGS up until the Lockdown eases completely

  • EMDR Level 1: 16th – 18th of August 2022
  • EMDR Level 2: 22th – 24th of March 2022
  • EMDR Level 2: 5th – 7th of October 2022

Cost per year:

Level 1:

  • R 6500.00-including Consultation.

Level 2:

  • R 6500.00-including Consultation.

EMDR with Children and Groups: WINGS TO ROOT

  • R 4,000.00

EMDR Consultation:

  • R 650.00

Training Starts at 8am to 4pm – All registrations and communications to be done via email rravat@iafrica.com. The cost of the trainings is R6000.00 non-refundable. All payments to be made a week prior to the Training.

Registration Times

Please note, the third day the workshop finishes at 4.00pm

Basic Training Overview

The EMDR Basic Training, comprised of Level 1 and 2, is designed for licensed mental health practitioners who treat clients in a clinical setting (See Qualifications Section below). EMDR is a complex approach to psychotherapy that accelerates the treatment of a wide range of pathologies and self-esteem issues related to upsetting past traumatic events and present life conditions. This interactional, standardized approach has been empirically tested with patients evincing a considerable range of presenting complaints, including, loss of a loved one, rape, sexual molestation, Vietnam combat and natural disaster.

Goal of The EMDR Basic Training

This experiential training will familiarize participants with a broad spectrum of EMDR applications sufficient for comfortable and efficient use with a wide range patients and situations. Special attention will be given to the therapeutic needs of clients.

Authorized Format

EMDR is a specialized approach that requires supervised training for full therapeutic effectiveness and client safety. The training will consist of lecture, live and videotaped demonstrations and supervised practice. The format of this workshop has been designed by the originator of EMDR, Francine Shapiro, PhD. The workshop leaders have been individually selected and trained by her to provide the comprehensive information necessary for appropriate client selection and effective utilization of EMDR. This is the workshop program which has been taught by Dr. Shapiro since 1990.

Integrating EMDR with Other Approaches

Participants have integrated EMDR into their practice and paradigms as diverse as psychodynamic, behavioral, Gestalt, cognitive, experiential, and systemic and Adlerian Life Style Analysis.

Training Highlights

  • Physiological overview
  • Specialized history-taking to identify focal patterns and beliefs
  • Desensitization of traumatic memories and present anxieties
  • Installation of positive belief structures
  • Applications to natural disasters and recent events
  • Applications to family and couples therapy
  • Applications to PTSD and military
  • Applications to addictions, grief and somatic disorders
  • Applications to children and adult survivors of abuse
  • Personal use for therapist to process vicarious overflows from traumatized patients

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that clinicians practice the skills learned in Weekend 1 with selected clients for a minimum of 20-30 sessions before attending Weekend 2.

Learning Objectives – Level 1
10 hours of didactic + 10 hours of supervised practice

  • Implement the components of the EMDR Approach to provide effective treatment while maintaining client stability and safety
  • Apply the existing research and history of EMDR development to enhance an understanding of the EMDR model
  • Name the 8 phases of EMDR for comprehensive treatment and how to implement the phases with clients
  • Identify the parameters treatable with EMDR to safely and effectively implement EMDR with clients
  • Utilize and apply the AIP Model for effective case conceptualization and treatment planning
  • Apply the EMDR Approach as a form of psychotherapy to a broad spectrum of client complaints
  • Describe the criteria for client selection and how to apply to client cases
  • Describe 3 safety measures for effective and safe use of EMDR

Learning Objectives – Level 2
10 hours of didactic + 10 hours of supervised practice

  • Implement strategies to identify and effectively resolve problem areas in the utilization of EMDR
  • Describe protocols for closing down incomplete sessions
  • Utilize and apply resources with difficult or resistant clients
  • Apply expanded preparation and resource strategies with clients
  • Implement treatment planning to choose and prioritize targets appropriate for EMDR treatment
  • Describe strategies for dealing with highly emotional responses
  • Apply strategies for dealing with dissociative symptoms and phobias
  • Implement strategies to effectively treat more complex trauma-related disorders

Certificate of Completion Requirements

  • Completion of Level 1 and Level 2 Trainings (No certificate of completion will be issued after Level 1)
  • Reading the textbook, EMDR: Basic Principles, Protocols and Procedures (Shapiro 2001)
  • 10 hours of case supervision with an EMDR Institute Approved Consultant
  • 5 hours are required prior to Level 2; 5 hours after Level 2

Case Supervision

  • 10 hours of case supervision are required to complete the EMDR Basic Training
  • 5 hours required prior to attending Level 2 and 5 hours post Level 2
  • Workshop fees do not include case consultation

Qualifications for Attending

A clinical background is necessary for the effective application of EMDR. Attendance at the workshop is limited to all levels of clinical social workers, psychologist, psychiatrist and mental health professionals who have a master’s degree or higher in the mental health field and are licensed.

Student / Intern Requirements

Enrolment in a graduate program at an accredited school, completion of graduate level course work and in licensing track under state sanctioned supervision guidelines. Please submit a detailed CV and a copy of your student I.D.

EMDR with Children: “From Roots to Wings”

A Two Day Workshop on using EMDR with Children

 What you will learn:

  • The Attachment Theory and its impact on Child Development and subsequent Symptoms of Pathology.
  • The development of the brain based on early attachment, and how with EMDR you can help to begin the healing process.
  • How to use EMDR using Play Therapy and Metaphorical Stories in the Healing of Pathology.
  • Understanding the impact of Play Therapy integrated with EMDR on the Developing Mind.
  • Learning Group EMDR and using the Group Protocol.
  • Use of EMDR with Children in Groups and natural and man-made disasters.

Don’t miss out on this amazing training.

Roots To wings EMDR with Children training from the 14/11/2022 and 15/11/2022 Available via ZOOM Meeting provided there are 6 participants or more.



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Payments Made Payable To:
Account No.: 251136620
Branch Code: 051001

  • A 30% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required in order to register for the workshop.  If the workshop is cancelled by the trainer due to insufficient numbers the deposit will be refunded.
  • Cancellations:  30% cancellation fee 14 days prior to the workshop.  Thereafter no refunds.
  •  All registrations and payments must be in 7 days prior to all workshops.
All proof of payment must be faxed or e-mailed for acceptance of registration.
Hand-outs presented at each workshop.
Tea and coffee served. Lunch on your own unless otherwise advised.